pink 'n' green

---------------SOME OF MY WRITING----------------- -------------------------what i look like---------------------- "私は昔、私のブルースに彼女の魂を失った..."

I wrote again because I’m confused

I see richness in glimpses/ I see it’s pull / Lifting it’s body weight two times / I see opening squares and collapsing lines/ I see the tightening / I see the tightening / I see the bodies in piles and people building warships that run on children’s blood / I see instigators firmly in the back seat / I see shields stitched from skin nailed to borders / salt it pours from the pores of the poor / piss streaked wall, illumination / I genuinely know endless personal people I personally know ten genuine people / I see smiles eaten by teeth / I see it all / I see monsters using their tongues as blinkers / their joyous disassembly of the progressive thinker / the pre-natal death of the humanist / I see gods in dykes by the roadside and dogs in palaces in the sky and I do not see your father and his tale of fiery corpses and our last ship is aflame in the harbour and you gave me a brain and ate my head up 

there’s just no need for house while jungle exists. there just isn’t

*my house*

keeeping busy at the moment, its important

ugh creed are so embarassing

this weather man has a real bad lisp, and realistically it’s like one of the key attributes of being a weather man. So you’d think they could find someone else who looks reasonably normal, and can point at a board and can do like basic geography stuff to do with weather and climate, and can understand the concept of a green screen. Who hired him. Is this like positive discrimination for dudes with speaking deficiencies? Why do i care 

I couldn’t be more happy with the way that Sleaford Mods and Fat Whites are publicly, openly berating the fakery and complacency of the dead old school of artists that were producing all of the dead shit over the last decade. the old will die out 

there’s this dude that works at the office I’m interning at, and he’s one of those guys that always stand with there legs spread really wide and his hands on his hips and wears tighttightight jeans even though he’s in his mid thirties and thinks that his hair is an artificially dark enough shade of blonde to cover his bald patch and wears all saints deep v’s

nothing else matters