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---------------SOME OF MY WRITING----------------- -------------------------what i look like---------------------- "私は昔、私のブルースに彼女の魂を失った..."


I miss you. I keep looking forward to a new album but… You know smh

I just ordered the most grim fucking curry ever I think I might throw it up just to cleanse myself and have beer for dinner

It’s cool because i’m doing something

"The unfed mind devours itself." by

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I hope MC Ride is having a good day.

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i dont feel much good towards anyone. no one close to me is what i thought they were. im really lost its scary

people are bad for me

smoke weed on your own till you forget you want to die

Pro-lifer: Would you have wanted to be aborted
Me: Yes

I pity the women who derive self esteem, after suffering a millenia of dim-witted sexist bigotry, by becoming dim witted sexist bigots .I mean it’s understandable that you’re angry at the world/men, I am too, but there’s a reason that MLK progressed where Malcolm X didn’t. If I were a women I would feel ashamed to call myself a feminist just because of the aimless, thoughtless, complacent idiots that so gladly place themselves under that banner. It’s a shame because you degrade a just and important cause through your own laziness and stupidity.